In 2009, I rode around the world on a motorcycle. A year later I suffered a near-fatal severe traumatic brain injury in a cycling accident. During my recovery, I decided that survival is insufficient, and set myself a goal of visiting every country in the world. I'm writing a book about my travels and I was a finalist in the Bike Magazine Travel Story of the Year competition. I'm a Cicerone Certified Beer Server & I also write software.


I was lucky enough to learn the art of software engineering from some of the brightest minds in the country at the Defence Evaluation & Research Agency, having originally joined as a scientist. I helped write a NATO technical standard for the exchange of reconnaissance imagery, a standard that is still in use across NATO. I was awarded the ISTAR* Systems Technical Prize for this, of which I'm still very proud. Getting to grips with distributed computer systems and CORBA took over from my scientific interests, and I began to see myself as a software engineer. Then I came across XP, and soon I was running the first project in DERA to use Java and agile methods.

Fast-forward a couple of decades and now I'm a Certified Scrum Professional, clean code enthusiast (and Uncle Bob acolyte), open-source contributor, and full-stack developer.

You can find out more about my software consulting here.

*Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance


I've been to 97 countries. You can follow my travels at

I sometimes write about it. I've been published in Bike and Adventure Bike Rider magazines, and I was a finalist in the Bike Magazine Travel Story of the Year competition for my story about the time I met a drug baron in Kazakhstan - and had the time of my life! You can read some of my travel writing at Maptia