In 2009, I rode around the world on a motorcycle. A year later I suffered a near-fatal brain injury in a cycling accident. During my recovery, I decided that survival is insufficient, and set myself the goal of visiting every country in the world. I'm writing a book about my travels and I was a finalist in the Bike Magazine Travel Story of the Year competition. I'm a Certified Beer Server (just because) & I write code.


I learned the art of coding from the brightest minds in the country at the Defence Evaluation & Research Agency where I helped write a NATO protocol for drone imaging systems. I was awarded the "ISTAR Systems Technical Prize" for this, of which I'm still very proud.

Fast-forward a couple of decades and now I'm a full-stack developer, scrum master, clean code enthusiast, agile specialist, mobile application entrepreneur, and freelance consultant.

You can find out more about my software consulting here.


I've been to 106 countries. You can follow my travels at

I sometimes write about it. I've been published in Bike and Adventure Bike Rider magazines, and I was a finalist in the Bike Magazine Travel Story of the Year competition for my story about the time a chainsaw-wielding Kazakh drug baron took me into the woods... You can read some of my travel writing at Maptia